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The frenulum under the tongue or lip are tissue strings that tether these mobile mouth components. When they are too short or too stiff, they can restrict the tongue or lip and result in dysfunction. Tongue-ties and lip-ties are congenital, affecting infants, toddlers, children, teens and adults. At South Carolina Tongue Tie Center, we offer a quick and effective tongue and lip-tie release procedure for our patients of all ages at our clinic in Charleston.

How Lip and Tongue-Tie Correction Is Performed

The frenulum under the tongue and lip is a very small band of tissue that can easily be released. This is called a frenectomy. In the past, it was commonly completed with surgical scissors or a scalpel, cutting the string of tissue. Our team at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center uses a more advanced technique that is less invasive and more effective at complete release of the tongue or lip-tie. We use a dental laser that can release the affected frenulum in about 15-20 seconds with little or no bleeding.

While anesthesia is not needed to perform the tongue-tie or lip-tie correction, we do offer sedation options for kids, teens and adults. Infants do not need sedation – it is virtually painless for babies and it is safer not to use aesthesia. Our doctors will discuss the anesthesia options available for those concerned about holding still or discomfort.

After Care for Lip-Tie and Tongue-Tie Release

In most cases, the pain or discomfort is minimal after a frenectomy. If needed, over-the-counter pain medications can be used to relieve any discomfort. The wound usually heals easily, but it is important to ensure that it doesn’t repair the tissue and reform the tie. We will provide stretching exercises that can help prevent scar tissue or reattachment and stimulate the healing process.

Lip and tongue movement takes time to improve after a tongue or lip-tie release. Infants, kids and adults all need to learn to use their lip and tongue differently once they are more mobile. Breastfeeding will improve over time for infants, and kids and adults can use exercises to learn correct movements for speech and mouth function.

If you are interested in learning more about our laser tongue and lip-tie release procedure, contact us at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center in Charleston to schedule your exam and consultation.

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    Great experience with my visit to Dr. McPhearson and Carrie, hygienist. Dr. McPhearson is so patient, kind, and a perfectionist. She cares deeply that you have a great dental visit every time.

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    I saw Dr. Caitlin McPherson and she is absolutely amazing. Not only does she make sure that everything is beautiful and functional, but she also treats every patient and their concerns with the utmost kindness.

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    Dr. McPherson is absolutely the best I highly recommend her and her team for all of your dental needs.

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    Everyone is so nice and they all seem to have good comradery. Mallory, Taylor, and Dr. Caitlin McPherson definitely know what they're doing!

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    The staff is always friendly & Dr McPherson does a great job every time!

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