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The Impact of Lip Ties on Dental Health

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In the realm of oral health, the intricate interplay of various factors can significantly influence overall well-being. Among these factors, lip ties—an often overlooked condition—can wield a profound impact, particularly on oral… Continue reading

Tongue Tie FAQs

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Tongue tie is a commonly misunderstood condition. These misunderstandings generate unwarranted fear and confusion that may prevent many parents and adults from getting treatment. The South Carolina Tongue Tie Center in Charleston… Continue reading

Our Patient Reviews

South Carolina Tongue Tie Center

4.7 / 5.0

Based on 5 reviews

  • Talia H.

    Great experience with my visit to Dr. McPhearson and Carrie, hygienist. Dr. McPhearson is so patient, kind, and a perfectionist. She cares deeply that you have a great dental visit every time.

  • Maham A.

    I saw Dr. Caitlin McPherson and she is absolutely amazing. Not only does she make sure that everything is beautiful and functional, but she also treats every patient and their concerns with the utmost kindness.

  • Frankie W.

    Dr. McPherson is absolutely the best I highly recommend her and her team for all of your dental needs.

  • Phillip R.

    Everyone is so nice and they all seem to have good comradery. Mallory, Taylor, and Dr. Caitlin McPherson definitely know what they're doing!

  • Kyle A.

    The staff is always friendly & Dr McPherson does a great job every time!

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