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A tongue-tie or lip-tie mouth restriction can impact the health and quality of life of infants, children and adults. At South Carolina Tongue Tie Center, we have made it our mission to offer a minimally-invasive laser release procedure that can help patients of all ages with this congenital condition. Dr. Caitlin McPherson and our entire medical team are tongue-tie and lip-tie treatment specialists, providing exceptional care for patients at our Charleston facility.

Our goal at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center is to increase awareness and educate patients on the prevalence of mouth restrictions. For many years, many medical professionals have ignored or placated patients complaining about tongue-tie and lip-tie symptoms. While a person can live with a mouth restriction, it can be detrimental to their well-being. Dr. McPherson and the rest of our team understand how lip and tongue-ties can impact patients, and we provide a quick and simple solution to improve their health and quality of life.

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Patient-centric care is what you can expect when you visit our center in Charleston. Our practice is family-focused, and every member of our team is experienced, compassionate and friendly to make all our patients feel at home. We understand that undergoing any oral procedure can cause anxiety and do our best to help our patients (and their parents) feel comfortable and relaxed at our office. To learn more about our center and what to expect as a new patient, visit the following pages on our website:

There is no reason for you or your child to live with a tongue-tie or lip-tie that is uncomfortable. Our tongue-tie and lip-tie treatment specialists invite you to come to our clinic for a diagnosis and receive treatment to find relief. Contact our clinic in Charleston to make an appointment.

Our Patient Reviews

South Carolina Tongue Tie Center

4.7 / 5.0

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  • Talia H.

    Great experience with my visit to Dr. McPhearson and Carrie, hygienist. Dr. McPhearson is so patient, kind, and a perfectionist. She cares deeply that you have a great dental visit every time.

  • Maham A.

    I saw Dr. Caitlin McPherson and she is absolutely amazing. Not only does she make sure that everything is beautiful and functional, but she also treats every patient and their concerns with the utmost kindness.

  • Frankie W.

    Dr. McPherson is absolutely the best I highly recommend her and her team for all of your dental needs.

  • Phillip R.

    Everyone is so nice and they all seem to have good comradery. Mallory, Taylor, and Dr. Caitlin McPherson definitely know what they're doing!

  • Kyle A.

    The staff is always friendly & Dr McPherson does a great job every time!

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