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A tongue tie can cause significant problems for your child in every area of life over time. Your child can have difficulty with eating and speaking and this could lead to behavioral problems. Traditional surgery can be traumatizing and create further complications for your child’s health and well-being. Laser tongue tie surgery offers technological advances that can minimize the risks commonly associated with conventional surgical methods. Here are three reasons you should choose the laser tongue tie procedure over traditional surgery.

Minimal Side Effects

A laser tongue tie is performed as an outpatient procedure and typically takes a few minutes to perform. This helps minimize the side effects your child may experience from traditional surgery. The laser technique used quickly releases the connecting membrane to minimize bleeding, swelling, infection and pain. According to clinical studies, parental feedback has also reported improvement with breastfeeding, speech and weight gain through laser tongue tie procedures.

Quicker Recovery

Since a laser tongue tie procedure is done without the use of anesthesia, the recovery period can be quicker than traditional surgery. Your child may be able to breastfeed immediately after the procedure. Older children may need to stick to soft foods for a few days and take a day off from school. It can take approximately two weeks for your child’s mouth to fully recover after traditional surgery.

Reduced Risk of Reattachment

While the risk is relatively small, reattachment can occur in approximately four percent of traditional surgical procedures. After traditional surgery, scar tissue can form and reconnect the tongue to the gum line. Laser tongue tie surgery can eliminate this risk for better results over the course of your child’s life. Make sure to follow aftercare instructions carefully to help reduce the risk for reattachment.

Achieve Optimal Results for Your Child with Laser Tongue Tie Surgery

Tongue tie issues can be detrimental for your child’s physical, emotional and social development. The specialists at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center can help your child achieve optimal results for a happier and healthier life. During a consultation, you can receive education and recommendations on the best course of treatment for your child’s needs. Call to book an appointment today.

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