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Tongue tie release, or frenectomy, can be performed at any age. It’s quick and takes only a few days to recover, but it could make feeding less stressful for babies and improve speech for adults. However, like all other surgical procedures, this one does come with some risks. It’s important to note that most risks below are rare, and you should speak with your provider if you have any concerns.

Feeding Challenges
While a frenectomy is often necessary when a baby is having trouble feeding, especially breastfeeding, the procedure can also lead to feeding challenges. If you were already working with one, your lactation consultant should be able to help.

Because the skin is cut, either with sterilized medical equipment or a laser, there is a chance of bleeding. This is typically very rare. If bleeding does occur, it’s only a few drops. Bleeding is less common with laser procedures.

Any wound is susceptible to infection as it heals. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s post-op guidelines so it heals correctly and with minimal risk for infection. Still, incidents of this are uncommon because the wound closes quickly.

Salivary Gland Damage
Whether by the incision or any stitches used to close it, damage to a salivary gland is one risk of tongue tie release. These glands and the tubules that feed saliva to the mouth are all part of the natural anatomy and are easy to avoid. However, if they are in a different location, they could be inadvertently damaged. This is also rare, but every human is unique.

Scar tissue can form after the release and while it heals. Scar tissue is thicker than normal tissue and doesn’t have the same stretch, so it could impede the regular movement of the tongue. Again, this is rare, but it could negate many of the positive benefits of a tongue tie release surgery until the scar tissue is removed.

Frenulum reattaching is one of the rarest risks of a tongue tie release surgery. The procedure can be performed again if this happens.

If you are considering tongue tie release for you or your child, contact the South Carolina Tongue Tie Center to book your consultation today. You’ll learn more about how the procedure is performed and its benefits, plus have an opportunity to discuss any concerns.

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