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Small Child Brushing Teeth

A tongue tie typically makes it difficult for the sufferer to lift the tongue up and down or from side to side. Difficulties forming words during childhood or breastfeeding are common symptoms that alert parents to a problem. However, some kids do not have symptoms that affect either of these actions.

As your child grows, they may begin to encounter other issues that were not anticipated. Unfortunately, these unexpected consequences of tongue ties can impact hobbies and career ambitions. The good news is it is never too late to consider treatment to correct a tongue tie.

Eating & Drinking

A child can breastfeed in early infanthood, but that does not mean a tongue tie won’t become problematic later. For example, some kids begin to complain that eating and drinking feel weird or uncomfortable when the tongue does not aid in the chewing and swallowing processes.

Oral Hygiene

When food or its residue sticks to the back teeth, most people do not immediately rush to the bathroom to brush and floss. Instead, the tongue is used while chewing and after to help keep teeth and gums clean. However, an individual who is tongue-tied may not have the range of movement needed to make this practice effective.

Playing Instruments

Many woodwind and other instruments that are played with the mouth rely on the use of the tongue. While playing these instruments with a tongue tie may not prove impossible, playing proficiently is another story. The musician could face limitations and suffer greater discomfort after playing for long periods.

Communication & Education

In many cases, even kids experiencing minimal symptoms from a tongue tie will face communication challenges. Your little one may not like verbal communication, leading to missed opportunities to fully engage with classroom education.

If you are concerned about how the symptoms of a tongue tie will impact your child, reach out to the South Carolina Tongue Tie Center today. We offer minimally invasive or surgery options to suit patients of all ages.

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