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Smiling baby boy with gapped upper teeth.

There are many reasons lip-ties are removed in toddlers and infants. The excess connective tissue that restricts the top lip can interfere with breastfeeding and it may also impact proper speech. These are both excellent reasons to have a lip-tie removed, but there can be other benefits. One of the side effects of having a large lip-tie is the impact on the two upper front teeth – it can cause the permanent teeth to grow in with a large gap.

For young children with lip-ties between their front teeth, this band of tissue can result in teeth that grow in separated. This can be true of their baby teeth, as well as their permanent teeth. If the lip-tie is still in place when the permanent teeth come in, which is usually around the ages of 5-7, the two front teeth can have a substantial gap between them. Once the gap is created, it can require orthodontic treatment to close the gap later in life.

Will Removing a Lip-Tie Prevent Gapped Teeth?

A lip-tie can cause gapped teeth and if removed, it can prevent a gap in most cases. It is estimated that removing lip-ties in young children can prevent over 90% of gaps caused by the tie between the teeth. The lip-tie removal procedure needs to be performed before the permanent teeth come in – the younger, the better. Even if the gap is not completely eliminated, it is usually much smaller than it would have been if the lip-tie was left in place.

Infants and toddlers with a significant lip-tie can have many different issues that stem from this condition. A simple and painless procedure can improve the lip movement for better function and appearance, which may save thousands of dollars on dental procedures to fix gapped teeth when the child is older.

If your child has a lip-tie between their top front teeth, there is a good chance they will have gapped teeth if it is not removed. To learn more about our minimally invasive lip-tie removal procedure, give us a call at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center.

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