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A frenectomy for tongue or lip-tie is a procedure that releases the frenulum to improve mouth movements. For decades, the most common way to treat a short frenulum under the tongue or a thick frenulum under the upper lip was with a surgical scissor snip. This method is still used, but there is another option. Dental lasers are the advanced option for frenectomies, with a few benefits over the scissor snip method. Here are some of the benefits of using laser surgery to perform a frenectomy to release a tongue or lip-tie.

Quick and Virtually Painless

A dental laser frenectomy is performed in less than a minute. The procedure is so fast that it usually causes little to no discomfort. Infants can be treated without sedation; kids, teens and adults may need some sedation to ensure they stay still during the procedure.

Less Blood or Chance of Infection

A scissor snip to release a tongue or lip-tie can cause bleeding and an open wound. Laser frenectomies rarely bleed, and the laser cauterizes the tissue to minimize the risk of infection.

No Stitches and Quick Healing

The dental laser used for tongue-tie releases using light energy to “cut” the tongue or lip-tie, but it also seals the tissue. There is not an open wound that needs stitches to hold it together. The result is quicker healing. Most infants and toddlers who undergo a laser frenectomy require no downtime after the procedure and can eat immediately afterward.

Safe and Precise

The use of laser technology makes a frenectomy safer for the patient. Dental lasers are extremely precise compared to scissors or a scalpel. Laser frenectomies have an extremely low chance of infection or complications.

Less Scar Tissue and Reoccurrence

When a frenectomy is performed with scissors, there is a higher risk of excess scar tissue. In addition, some tongue or lip-ties can repair themselves when snipped. Laser frenectomies reduce the chance of excessive scar tissue and provide a complete release of the frenulum to prevent reoccurrence of a tongue or lip-tie.

At South Carolina Tongue Tie Center, we offer laser frenectomy for tongue-ties and lip-ties. We welcome patients of all ages that are struggling with mouth restrictions. Contact our office in Charleston to schedule an appointment.

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