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Teenager and Mother

Tongue tie is a problem that mainly affects kids. While tongue-tie release is highly beneficial for babies, adults may also benefit.

Doctors frequently performed tongue-tie releases to facilitate breastfeeding. However, when breastfeeding became unpopular, so did tongue-tie release. As a result, children were not given tongue-tie releases for many years. Consequently, many adults do not know they have tongue-tie symptoms. Here are some advantages you can experience if you get your tongue-tie released as an adult.

Pain Relief

When the tongue’s movement is restricted, it cannot perform its crucial function in the jaw system. People with a tongue tie may develop various symptoms associated with the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ / TMD).

TMJ symptoms of tongue-tie can include frequent headaches, neck pain and jaw pain. This discomfort results from the extra effort that other muscles must make to compensate for the tongue’s restricted range of motion. Tongue-tie release facilitates the tongue’s participation in regular jaw motions, relieving strain on other muscles. As a result, painful tension will lessen, reducing or getting rid of sore muscles.

Clearer Speech

When we speak, the tongue must perform several complex movements swiftly. Certain speaking sounds may be challenging to produce when your tongue’s range of motion is restricted. People with tongue-ties often have trouble speaking aloud and have noticeable lisps, making it challenging to pronounce sounds such as:

  • “Th”
  • “S”
  • “D”
  • “T”
  • “R”
  • “L”
  • “Z”

You can speak more clearly if your tongue tie is released, making you feel more confident when speaking in public.

Improves Breathing and Sleep

The position of the tongue can obstruct breathing. For example, if you have a tongue-tie, your tongue may be unable to move out of the way, resulting in restricted airflow via the throat and increased mouth breathing.

Additionally, it may cause your tongue to retract and your throat to close up at night. Snoring or sleep apnea can result from this obstruction of your airway. You can prevent the harmful effects of this potentially fatal disorder by reducing or eradicating sleep apnea. Better sleep can also make you more active during the day, help you overcome food cravings and lessen your dependency on caffeinated beverages, which are often sweetened.

In addition to having difficulty breathing while you sleep, you might also have difficulty breathing throughout the day. As a result, you may become easily winded and exhausted. Your ability to breathe at night and during the day may improve if you get your tongue tie released.

Improved Oral Health

Your tongue cleans your teeth, lowering your risk of gum disease and cavities. However, your tongue may not be able to thoroughly clean the backs of your teeth if its motion is restricted, which could result in an excessive accumulation of food debris.

Having your tongue-tie released can improve your tongue’s ability to clean your gums and teeth, improving your dental health. Maintaining good oral health is an integral part of your overall health. You can prevent heart conditions, diabetes and other health issues by controlling gum disease and cavities.

Get Tongue Tie Release in Fort Atkinson

If you are an adult suffering from tongue-tie, we can help you. At the South Carolina Tongue Tie Center, we can release your tongue- or lip-tie and help you reap the benefits. Make an appointment at our Charleston clinic today to learn more about tongue-tie release for adults.

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